Social Media Resume

I’m Sarah Pryor and I am a senior at James Madison University. I am pursuing a BBA in Business Marketing, and a BA in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Corporate Communications. Upon graduation in May 2011, I will be seeking employment in marketing.


  • My majors at JMU have been especially beneficial in developing my professional qualifications.  Both the College of Business and School of Media Arts and Design are competitive and challenging. Through my courses I have learned to work in teams and individually on multiple projects at once, to delegate tasks, and communicate effectively and professionally.
  • The College of Business has offered me great preparation for the professional world, especially the integrated COB 300 course, which combined four business courses and a group business plan into a semester long project for all junior-year business students. Within the marketing department I have taken a variety of courses such as IMC, Strategic Internet Marketing, Professional Selling, and Database Marketing. Through my Strategic Internet Marketing course I am working on becoming a certified e-marketer by taking the CeMA exam at the end of the semester. My concentration is Business-to-Business, which I believe has provided me with a wide perspective of the marketing world.
  • The School of Media Arts and Design is a more creative approach to communications, and I have learned a lot about design and how to communicate ideas through multimedia. My concentration is Corporate Communications, and I have taken courses including Principles of Advertising, Print Communication Design, Media and Politics, Corporate Media Writing, and Mass Communications Law.

Leadership Experience

  • The main organization I’ve participated in has been Kappa Alpha Theta. Through this sorority I have held multiple leadership positions, the biggest being an executive board member as the Vice President of Finance for 2010. This position has required me to be extremely organized and prompt with reports, budgets and communications with my fellow collegians and national representatives. I have managed a budget exceeding $75,000 and have created individual budgets for about 25 other officers in my chapter.

Work Experience and Employment Goals

  • In the summer of 2010 I interned at Engage Research while studying abroad in London. Engage is a small market research firm that works with many big corporations in the food and drink and consumer goods industries. While interning, I did a variety of tasks and every day was different. I worked on projects by creating PowerPoint presentations based on raw data results from studies and also proof-read those surveys in their earlier stages, checking the logic of the questions.  Other tasks included doing client research, organizing data bases, and I also had my own individual project of working with a designer to create a new PowerPoint template for Engage’s presentations. Overall it was a great experience and my first office job. I had never been exposed to market research before, and it was very interesting to see how studies help create the products and campaigns we see every day.
  • I have also worked in retail jobs at Victoria’s Secret and J. Crew while at home during summers and breaks. These jobs have been beneficial for my selling skills and customer service, two aspects very important to many marketing  and communication careers
  • As I start to search for employment, I am mainly looking for jobs in the internet marketing field, such as SEO firms, or working for a company on their online communications. I have recently taken two courses about social media and internet marketing, and it is an interesting and ever-changing field in which I think I would be very successful. I am confident in my skills that  I have obtained through my courses, work, and leadership positions. I also adapt quickly to new skill sets and situations, and love to learn.


Every day Sarah came in ready and eager to get to work. She handled projects efficiently and asked questions to learn more about the products and clients. She was a great asset to the Engage team.

Lindsay Peck,  Co-Director of Engage Research

Sarah’s appointment as VP Finance brought with it a significant increase in responsibility and leadership within the organization, which Sarah has handled with skill and grace. Overall, Sarah maintains a very professional communication style, both written and verbal.  She is easily trusted to confidentially handle information and hold her peers accountable for the money they owe in a firm but understanding way.

Anna Barone, Advisor for Eta Rho chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta


I created this video for SMAD 341, Information and Communication Technologies, based on my blog about online customer service. In this video I focused on some of the best online shopping sites, based on the features they offer their shoppers.

My team’s COB 300 Business Plan focused on our business-to-business photography service, Hood Shots, Inc. This final plan was comprised of other previous benchmark documents created by my team of six students from all types of business studies. I mainly worked on the Marketing section on pages 4- 10. This project was very research-intensive, and required all the group members to understand all aspects of a business, besides just our chosen field.

In MKTG 384, Integrated Marketing Communications, groups created an IMC Plan based on a new soccer shoe concept that we also created for adidas. This project was similar to the business plan, but focused mainly on marketing strategies and tactics. The main goal was to create a cohesive campaign and we also created a client pitch presentation to convince adidas to pick our idea.

I made a magazine cover for SMAD 201, Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design, in Photoshop. This class taught me the basic Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator skills and also some design concepts.

In SMAD 332, Print Communications Design, I designed a magazine layout which reworked a Vouge spread. I used Photoshop and InDesign to create this clean, sophisticated design that is still appropriate for the publication.

I created another marketing blog for MKTG 470, Strategic Internet Marketing. This blog is mainly about the class and e-marketing trends. I learned a lot about SEO during this course, and we were required to work this knowledge into creating our titles and other labels.


For further information, please contact me at pryorsb at gmail dot com or check out my LinkedIn profile.


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